description Large school focussed on L.A. Style and Rueda
teachers Jan & Marjan
locations Club Mystique
Marian & Salsa Jay's motto is that they do not just want to teach you how to dance Salsa, but they also want you to have a good time while doing so. Their approach has made Salsa4Fun one of the largest schools in a remarkably short time. While the main focus of their classes is on LA Style, they also pay attention to Cuban Style, and there are separate courses Ladies Styling and Miami style Rueda de Casino.
Regular parties
frequency party location details
1st Saturday Bemba Colorá Club Mystique
22:00, 10
Fridays Salsa Club Mystique
22.00 - 03.00, 10
Química Bachata Party
22.00 - 03.00, 10
Amsterdam the coming months
date location event details
June 2018
Fri 22 Club Mystique Salsa Club Mystique
22.00 - 03.00, € 10
July 2018
Sat 21 Club Mystique Bemba ColorĂ¡
22:00, € 10
Eddy El Mulato
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