Location closed
description popular salsa club
address Marie Heinekenplein

Cantinero is the home of dance school Extremos, who teach here five days a week. The restaurant/club calls itself a 'salon de baile'. They have several Latin-oriented parties here every week.


There is a restaurant area and two separate dance rooms. The first one is rather small, and unofficially called 'the aquarium', because of its windows allowing you to observe the dancing from outside the room. The second room is in the back and a bit larger. It has some pillars in the middle of dance floor, but is otherwise okay.


The club is popular with dancers as well as non-dancers. The DJs play Salsa/Merengue mixed with blocks of Reaggeaton and sometimes Latin House.


In March 2010, Cantinero was closed due to bankruptcy of the owner.

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