De Badcuyp

description Music center
address 1e Sweelinckstraat 10-bg

The Badcuyp is a small music center which programs a wide variety of music - including a substantial amount of Salsa.


Currently, there are two monthly parties on Fridays. One is Fiesta Cubana, the most hard-core Timba party in town hosted by DJ Arno. The other monthly party is the Salsa Cafe, which used to be a weekly party on Wednesdays and has Mario as the regular DJ.


There are two floors, which are usually used for different events. The wooden dance floor on both floors is medium sized and easily filled. Temperature and ventilation used to be a problem, but have been improved.


There are also occasionally live Salsa bands performing on Fridays or Saturdays. De Badcuyp is situated in the Pijp district. Dance school Soy Cuba used to teach here on Wednesdays for many years.

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