De Melkweg

description A cultural center with two concert halls
address Lijnbaansgracht 234a

The Melkweg is located near Leidseplein. It occasionally features Salsa bands. Featured bands include Elias Ochoa, Grupo Gal?, Dan Den, Manolito y su Trabuco and Los Van VAn.


There are two halls in de Melkweg, de oude hal and the max. Sometimes there are house parties after the concert, in which case there are only a few Salsa songs to dance to after the concert. Check the agenda to see if such a party is planned.


De Melkweg also participates in the yearly Amsterdam Roots Festival, which normally also features some Salsa. On Thursdays, de Melkweg hosts ?Que Pasa? parties, a mix of Salsa, Rock, Punk, Hiphop, Ska, Drum 'n' Bass, Dance Hall, 2-step and Latin House.

Regular parties
frequency party details
Go Latin
23.00 -04.00, 13
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