Hotel Arena

description Home of the popular monthly Salsa Lounge parties
address s'Gravesandestraat
Hotel Arena is a hotel with a big dance club. It is the current location for Salsa Lounge parties, organized by Mo. Parties have also been given at the Escape venue and on the beach in Zandvoort in the past.


The Salsalounge parties have a unique concept. There are several areas and rooms offering different styles of Latin music and ambiences. There's a lounge area and you can even eat in the fancy hotel restaurant. Many have tried to copy this type of party, but no one has achieved the level of success of the SalsaLounge - the parties are mostly sold out in advance.


The Salsa area is in a beautiful old church hall which is divided into two floors. The dance floor is large and comfortable. It is a good idea to come early though, because there is not much room to dance in the later hours - at least in the ground floor. The second floor provides space if the ground floor becomes too full. The regular Salsa DJ is the popular DJ Mauri, who plays all kinds of Salsa and knows the lyrics to most songs as well.


It's interesting to move from the Latin House areas to the Salsa area. The difference in both music and ambience is huge - it's like stepping into a different world. I don't have to explain which world has my preference ;-). Salsa Lounge parties are very popular with a young and hip crowd that likes to dress up. See for yourself on the Salsa Lounge website. Hotel Arena is located on the east side of town.

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