Salsa Bands
link Salsa band of 11
link Traditional Cuban band of 6
link Band of 6 playing Salsa Dura en Latin Jazz
link Latin swing for small kids
link Duo playing Caribbean and Cuban music
link Traditional danzon band
link Caribbean fusion band
link Percussionist from Venezuela with various bands
link Latin group of 4-5
link Percussionist from Venezuela
link Salsa band of 10
link Salsa band
link Salsa band of 5
link Latin band
link Puerto Rican bass player. Active in the Amsterdam latin scene since 1981
link All female salsa band
link Latin dance orquestra of 17
link A coctail of cuban music
link Hard core Salsa band
link 20 year old band
link All-round latin band
link Salsa band of 15
link Band of lead vocalist Priscila Vird?
link Danceable salsa by Jose Cerezo and his band of 7
link Salsa band of 10
link Salsa band of 10
link Salsa big band of 18 from the Arnhem area
link Salsa band of 11
link Salsa/Son group of 6
link Cuba oriented salsa band of 12
link Salsa band of Marco Toro
link Traditional Son group
link Son band
link Violin group of 6
link Teacher at Swing Latino
link DJ from the east of Holland currently living in the Amsterdam area
link Dance teacher/DJ from Haarlem
link DJ and dance teacher for El Punto Cubano
link Timba specialist
link Known for his original style of mixing
link Salsa & Latin DJ, Salsa Dura ,Classics
link Webmaster of this website.
link Organizer of Fiesta Caribe
link Regular DJ for Swing Latino
link DJ and Wolrd music journalist
link Latin DJ
link Popular Salsa DJ
link All round DJ
link DJ and party organizer
link Latin-Caribbean DJ
link Specialised in Salsa Dura en Salsa Clasica
link DJ specialized in Salsa Dura, Classica and Cubana
link Allround dj in latin music, specialized in Salsa
link Salsa DJ and VJ. Mart combines DJ-ing with the display of self-made movies and animations.
link One of the first Salsa DJs in town, originally from Surinam
Dance groups
link Professional dance couple from Cuba
link Salsa Lady styling show group
link Dance group run by Vanessa Mambi
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