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Salsa dancing is not a good match for the coronavirus .

Eveyone - stay safe and be responsible and all the best for those making a living from Salsa dancing - let's hope for better times ...


The purpose of this site is to inform Salsa minded people about Salsa events in Amsterdam.


It is a non profit site.There are no advertisements and I try to stay objective...I have visited most of the clubs myself but also rely on your input.


Amsterdam has quite a bit to offer for Salsa lovers. When I started the site back in 1998, some of the leading clubs were Meander, Fuegos and Ahknaton. Over the years, schools and parties came and gone. LA Style on 1 is now the most popular dance style, although there are also a number of Cuban style dance schools.


The following icons are used throughout the site:


  • = Location
  • = Dance school
  • = Band
  • = DJ
  • = Show group




Enjoy your stay!


For additions, info@salsa-amsterdam.nl 


Edwin Hautus
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